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We are now accepting applications!

Our brand ambassador program functions as one of the most vital components of the Bilanco Brand. For without the unwavering dedication, and commitment to the refinement of product excellence exhibited by our Ambassadors our brand would not be where it is today.  Exceptional individuality, and the diversity of world experiences begins with you.  We are always looking for passionate, enthusiastic, and outgoing individuals  to join our  team. If you are passionate about European Brands and  are eager to gain real-life experience in the fashion industry, we highly recommend applying to our Ambassador program today!


Bilanco Ambassadors  will receive exclusive product discounts, the opportunity to provide insight into the creation and improvement of products, as well as a personalised discount code that is unique to every Bilanco Ambassador. This discount code will provide Bilanco Ambassadors with the opportunity to earn a 50% sales commission on all  product sales that have been generated with their personal discount  code. Once your application is approved all you have to do is purchase your first item. After that you will instantly receive access to exclusive discounts and benefits for being part of our team!

Please fill out the form below and attach your Instagram handle and we will get back to you shortly regarding the next steps of the application process!


Ambassador Perks:

  • Receive a 25% discount on your first order and 10% off of future orders

  • A 50% sale commission every time your personal code is used by sharing it on social media and with friends or family

  • Exclusive deals on all products

  • Early notice on new releases

  • Input in the creation of products

  • Get invited to exclusive events and behind the scenes of our photo shoots

  • A chance to be featured on the instagram and website if you tag us @Toscani_Bilanco and use one of the following hashtags. #Bilanco, #BilancoAmbassador,  #BilancoBella, or  #BilancoBello

  • Exclusive access to newsletters with special promotions, content, and commission codes that you can use in your social media posts to receive a higher commission on new products

  • The opportunity to purchase our exclusive limited edition Ambassador hoodies

Apply to become a Bilanco Ambassador!

Ambassador Roles:

  • Create content  for our products by posting them on your social media platforms

  • Assist with picking the hoodie of the month charitable organizations

  • Be a passionate and motivated role model

  • Let us know what you think about the products and help us to make improvements

  • Communicate with our ambassadors from across the globe, making new friends who share the love of social media through our Facebook group

  • Follow our Social Media accounts Instagram Toscani_Bilanco Twitter @ToscaniBilanco