Hoodie of The Month 

Creating The Hoodie of The Month:

It is Toscani Bilanco’s belief that one should be an active member of society in order to affect positive growth and change within it.

In accordance with such beliefs, TB endeavors to afford consumers with the distinct opportunity to play an affluent role within the cultivation of the global community whilst partaking in their everyday activities.

So, consumers can look good, and feel good, whilst taking solace in the notion that 15-20 % of their purchase was allocated towards organizations united in their goal to make the world a better place. #FashionPhilanthropy

Fashion Philanthropy:

New charitable causes every month

Consumers choose the charities donations are allocated towards 

No Limit on the % of $ donated 

No politics, ulterior motives or bureaucratic red tape 

You choose how we make the world a better place 

 How Does The Hoodie of The Month Work?

Upcoming Hoodies of The Month: 

  • Every month Toscani Bilanco selects a local or global charity to support. 

  • In accordance with TB’s goal to be the positive change that it wants to see in the world, TB selects its hoodie of the month charities based upon the tabulated results of consumers votes via social media.

  • Once a month is concluded 15-20% of that month's hoodie sales will be donated to the charity or organization users voted on.

  • In an effort to be pragmatic, the deadline to submit potential organizations will be 90 days prior to the start of that month.

  • Approved organizations, that adhere to our selection criteria which can be found under the subheading “selection criteria,” will be grouped into groups of three and added to a list of approved organizations that will be sorted by month. 

  • TB will then select three approved organizations from the list to advertise as future Hoodies of the Month. 

  • Users will be able to vote on their desired cause via social media and on the website. Poll results will be featured on the TB website. 

  • The organization receiving the highest number of votes at the end of the Month will be announced via social media and featured as a future Hoodie of the Month.

  • TB believes that the Hoodie of the Month is a great way for consumers to receive a hoodie that they love while bringing awareness and support to charities that are helping those in need. 

  • If you have a local or global charity you would like to support, TB asks that you kindly go to the Hoodie of the Month page and fill out a form.

  • If your organization meets our selection criteria our Social Outreach and Global Development Committee will be happy to review the application. 

  • Upon the review and approval of your organization, the charity will be added to the approved list and featured in a future Hoodie of the Month campaign.

 Organization Selection Criteria:


The Social Outreach and Global Development Committee employs the following selection criteria, as a reference point, when reviewing prospective hoodie of the month organizations:

1. Our committee prioritizes organizations that  are registered as charities.

2. Our committee prioritizes organizations that have  a clearly defined organizational mission with a proven track record of success, who have demonstrated a strong willingness to make a positive and lasting impact within the global community.

3. Our committee prioritizes non-profit organizations that are able to effectively allocate minimal resources in a cost-effective manner that serves to maximize the impact of every dollar donated.

4. Geographic and multi-causal philanthropic diversity lies at the epicenter of Toscani Bilanco's mission to be the positive change that it wants to see in the world. In accordance with such strong values our committee prioritizes the diversity of charitable causes, and the regions in which they operate.

In addition to satisfying the aforementioned criteria please also include a 50-250 word rationale as to why you believe that your organization is important to you and the societal impact that it has had thus far. Please also provide the contact information of an organizational representative of the charity. In addition to the organizations website, email address, and social media.

Upcoming Hoodies of The Month:

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