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The Importance of Dressing for Success:

In his paper entitled “Enclothed Cognition Effect,” renowned Psychologists Adam Gakinsky employed a variety of statistics, social experiments, and theoretical data in an effort to substantiate the notion that the clothing one wore had a strong emotional and physical influence over the manner in which an individual elected to conduct themselves within society, with individuals in fancy medical coats performing exceedingly higher than their counter parts who elected to wear regular clothes.  Gakinsky was later able to establish a direct correlation between the clothing one wore, and the strong emotional response said clothing evoked upon an individual’s thoughts and actions. Gakinskys research served to illustrate the positive phycological and cognitive impact that wearing the right clothing can have upon an individual within society.


Our Background:

As Gakinsky asserted, first impressions are imperative  to one’s future success or failure within  society. The prevalence of income inequality  hinders the average consumers ability to acquire the exceptional clothing required  to denote a strong first impression. Strong first impressions with which are often synonymous with high end luxury clothing brands such as Burberry or Valentino. We created Toscani Bilanco  as we found ourselves perturbed by the outrageous prices demanded of high end European fashion brands. We  endeavored  to bridge the gap between quality and price by offering consumers a middle ground between the pinnacle of luxury and high end European fashion.  Toscani Bilanco served to be the culmination of this aspiration, as we wanted to create a brand that  afforded consumers with the vanity of owning luxury European products at an affordable price.

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Our Values:

“Exceptional clothing quality coupled with a classic style that serves to transcend time” functions as a  sempiternal brand mantra that is etched within the bedrock of our company. A classic and enduring European  constitution of quality lies at the foundation of our brand and serves to be the driving force behind Toscani Bilanco. Our unwavering commitment to producing quality products, providing superior customer care, and the betterment of society serve as the three pillars of our brand. 

Redefining Fashion Philanthropy:

It is our belief that one should be an affluent member of society in order to affect positive growth and change within it.

In accordance with such beliefs every month Toscani Bilanco will feature a consumer sponsored  hoodie where 15-20% of our profits will be donated to a local or global charity.

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